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Connecting businesses with Europe’s largest
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Thanks to our widespread network of thousands of on-demand workers using our app, you can now capture data at hundreds or thousands of locations in the UK and Europe in just a few days, with results in real-time.

Learn how crowdsourcing can help your business

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How it works
We receive a list of addresses to check, a brief of what’s needed from the client, and then create the job questionnaire for the app
New jobs are published on the map inside the app. Nearby Eyes then receive a notification to accept a job
The first available Eye books the job, checks in at the location, completes the questionnaire (including the required photos), and finally, uploads the results
Our staff checks and approves each completed job before publishing the data in the client portal
The client can then log into the portal and check their results in real-time

Learn how crowdsourcing can help your business

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